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Here you will find an overview of services we offer to our clients.


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Wills and Estate Planning


It is always best to be prepared and make sure your wills and trusts are set up correctly, so there is no confusion and all your wishes are carried out as planned. The  Law Firm of K. D.  Vinson & Associates will handle the planning of your estate for you. We create anything from simple wills and complex wills to living trusts.


Family Law


From custody disputes to divorce proceedings, we will represent you in all facets of family law. The Law Firm of K. D. Vinson & Associates will handle your family law legal matters, including: divorce (uncontested and contested), child custody and support, father's rights, legitimations, property division, prenuptial agreements/ post nuptial agreements question. We know that some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of family law. Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, divorce, or you are seeking custody of children? We focus much of our practice on family law, so we can guide you through your issues.


Criminal Law


We handle criminal matters concerning both misdemeanors and felonies. 

Personal Injury


Have you been injured in a slip and fall or an accident of any kind? The Law Firm of K. D. Vinson & Associates can help you with your personal injury issues.

Civil Litigation 


Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. Call us today to ask if your case is the type of matter we can handle for you. 

Probate Administration/Litigation


Probate can be a lengthy, overwhelming process of notifications, filing requirements and other court procedures. In some circumstances, probate administration can lead to contentious and complex litigation. Our law firm can help through probate administration and probate litigation. 

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